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Welcome to the wanderings, wonderings, musings, photos and writings from my travelling life

I’m Josephine and I grew up near Chicago. Then I studied English and Education at the University of Kentucky, and now im living in Germany as an au pair. Along the way I’ve been meeting people, learning new things and travelling absolutely everywhere I can. So come along for the ride in my inner monologue of what this crazy world is like.

My Latest Posts

  • Hindsight Needs an Eye Exam
    I am a frequent victim of “graduation goggles” or overly romanticizing periods of my life especially as they draw to a close. On the other hand, when tough situations come to a bitter end and I can finally process emotions I’ve been holding back to get through things, I tend to degrade things beyond aContinue reading “Hindsight Needs an Eye Exam”
  • Ways to say goodbye.
    1) “Bye have a great time!” The little way you say it to the kids every day when they leave for school. On the good mornings and the bad mornings because you never want to start their day on a bad note even if occasionally you do that to each other. 2) “Viel Spaß!” OrContinue reading “Ways to say goodbye.”
  • What is home?
    You want to discover yourself? Get lost. Move away from everything you know and find out who you are without the same scaffolding that built you. Some of you will crumble, but the important foundations will remain. And you wont build yourself up only from the new resources around you. You will build from whatContinue reading “What is home?”